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AMPI Executive Committee (2015-2017)



President Prof. Arun Chougule
Vice President Mr. Balasubramanian Nagappan
Secretary Dr. Vellaiyan Subramani
Treasurer Dr. E. Varadharajan
Member Dr. Lalit M Aggarwal
Member Dr. Atul Tyagi
Member Dr. Thayalan Kuppusamy
Member Dr. Varatharaj Chandraraj
Member Dr. Raghukumar P
Member Dr. Arabinda Rath
Member Mr. Vinod Pandey
Member Mr. Suresh Pangam
Member Mr. S Karthikeyan
Member Dr. Om Prakash Gurjar
Member Dr. Vinod Kumar Dangwal




Trust of AMPI is controlled by duly elected Board of Trustees. Powers and function of the Board of Trustees are as defined in the Bombay Public Trust Act. The Trust Fund consists of

  • a) all donations except those made for specific activities of the Association,
  • b) all subscriptions paid by members (both individuals and institutions) on non-recurring basis,
  • c) admission fees of members of all classes and
  • d) up to twenty five percent of the net income after the end of each financial year which shall be transferred to the Trust Fund.


Board of Trustees for the year 2015-2017


Chairman Mr. Satya Pal Agarwal
Convener Dr. Pankaj Tandon
Members Dr. Deepak Deshpande
Dr. Kamlesh Passi
Dr. Radhakrishnan Balan Nair

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Former Office Bearers


Year President Vice President Secretary Treasurer
1976-78 A. K. Sundaram Arabinda Bose G. S. Subramanian P. S. Iyer
1979-81 A. K. Ganguly Arabinda Bose G. S. Subramanian P. S. Nagarajan
1981-83 A. K. Ganguly M. Leela Meenakshi K. R. Das V. K. Bharga
1983-85 V. K. Iya P. S. Negi U. Madhvanath J. S. Nagpal
1985-87 V. K. Iya U. Madhvanath P. S. Iyer J. S. Nagpal
1987-89 Arabinda Bose P. S. Iyer R. K. Kher K. S. Kini
1989-91 S. D. Soman P. S. Viswanathan R. K. Kher R. V. Dhond
1991-93 S. D. Soman S. J. Supe M.S. S. Murthy M. L. Bhutani
1993-95 P. S. Iyer T. P. Ramachandran M. S. S.Murthy M. L. Bhutani
1995-97 A. V. Lakshmanan O. P. Masand K. N. Govindarajan K. S. Kini
1997-99 A. V. Lakshmanan O. P. Masand B. C. Bhatt P. K. Gaur
1999-01 P. S. Negi P. S. Viswanathan A. S. Pradhan P.Sethulakshmi
2001-03 A. S. Pradhan R. Ravichandran A. M. Pendse A. Shanta
2003-05 B. C. Bhatt A. K. Rath A. M. Pendse S. D. Sharma
2005-07 P.G.G.Kurup D.D.Deshpande S. D. Sharma P.Sethulakshmi
2007-09 Prof. S.K.Koul Shri. A.M. Pendse Dr. R. M. Nehru/Dr. (Mrs) Kanta Chhokra Dr. S.J.Supe
2009-11 Dr. (Mrs) Kanta Chhokra Dr. K. Thayalan Dr. S.D.Sharma Dr.Sridhar Sahoo
2011-13 Dr. D. D. Deshpande Mr. Ram Kishan Munjal Dr. Challapalli Srinivas Mr. Rajesh A. Kinhikar
2013-15 Dr. Ravikumar Manickam Dr. Ramasamy Nehru Dr. Challapalli Srinivas Dr. Ganesh K M