AERB’s e-Licensing of Radiation Applications (e-LORA) system becomes operational

aerblogoThere is good news for Radiotherapy institutions, radiation professionals (Radiation Oncologists, Medical Physicists, Radiological Safety Officer, Radiotherapy Technologists and Service Engineers) and Suppliers of Radiotherapy Equipments in India. Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB) has developed and commissioned its computerized e-Governance project “e-Licensing of Radiation Applications (e-LORA)” for Radiotherapy facilities. This will facilitate the online submission of applications, issuance of all regulatory clearances and registration of radiotherapy institutions/radiation professionals. The system is being rolled out in a phased manner by AERB and several institutes have already gone online through e-LORA.

All Radiotherapy facilities are expected to be switched to online mode very shortly. For this purpose, all existing radiotherapy centers are required to submit the details regarding the following to AERB for pre-registration in e-LORA.

  1. Present Employer
  2. Licensee(s)
  3. RSO(s)

The format for details (as an excel file) can be downloaded from AERB website by clicking “Pre-registration of Radiotherapy Institute in e-LORA System”. After filling the required information, the soft copy of the filled in excel sheet should be sent by email to above information is required to be sent at the earliest by the radiotherapy institutions to avoid any delay in making the institution online through e-LORA portal of AERB.
For all existing institutions, pre-registration will be done by AERB after receipt of the above details. After completion of pre-registration, AERB shall provide USER ID and PASSWORD for employer, licensee(s) and RSO(s) of the institutions. Online submission of applications can be made by the institutions only after receipt of USER ID and PASSWORD.

Radiotherapy institutions should ensure that all radiation professionals working in the institution are registered with AERB through e-LORA.

Kindly note that AERB plans to stop accepting paper based regulatory applications w.e.f. December 01, 2013 and all regulatory clearances will be issued based on electronic submissions through e-LORA only. Therefore, institutions should ensure timely submission of the above information and registration of radiation professionals/workers (as the case may be) so that a smooth switch over of all radiotherapy facilities to e-LORA can be done.