Message from President AMPI on the occasion of IDMP2017

Prof. Arun Chougule

Prof. Arun Chougule

As a president of Association of Medical Physics of India (AMPI). I wish a very happy and successful International Day of Medical Physics (IDMP2017) to the Medical physics community of India especially female members as this year we are celebrating 150th birth anniversary of great scientist Maria Sktodowska Curie therefore very appropriately IOMP has chosen the theme of IDMP day as “Medical Physics: Providing a holistic approach to women patients and women staff safety in radiation medicine” to commemorate contribution of women in field of Medical Physics. I am happy to let you know that the IDMP poster of this year is designed by Department of Radiological Physics, SMS Medical College, Jaipur and adapted by IOMP.

Today, field of Medical physics is touching new horizons in every possible dimension as use of Radiation in Medicine is increasing day by day. Now we cannot imagine field of Medicine without application of Medical Physics. With this, role of women in Medical physics is also increasing as it is increasing in every walk of life. AMPI has also achieved success and recognition worldwide in every front of Medical Physics. Journey of AMPI would not have been possible without active participation of our female colleagues. According to Indian tradition the importance of women is explained by this famous sloka taken from Manusmruthi.

Which means where Women are honored, divinity blossoms there, and where women are dishonored, all action no matter how noble remains unfruitful. But still there is a need and potential to enhance the role of women in medical physics and healthcare, as the participation or the number of women Medical Physicist is still small. So with this year’s theme of IDMP, which is fully based on women, a focus is planned on increasing participation of women in Medical Physics and on women radiation safety. Special concern and focus is given to women radiation safety at the child bearing age for both women radiation worker and women patients because of potential radiation hazards associated to this particular span of life. There is nothing to be afraid, only right working practices and proper knowledge is required to minimize these risks.

This year, IOMP is celebrating IDMP during AOCMP-AMPICON 2017 Jaipur, India which will be telecast live worldwide. IOMP and we have planned a program on 7th November, 2017 emphasizing and elaborating the theme of IDMP2017. This is great opportunity for all of us. So, as organizing chairman of the event I invite and welcome you all to this mega scientific feast.

Ones again I wish you a very warm IDMP day celebrations and looking forward to see you at Jaipur.

Prof. Arun Chougule
President – AMPI
Organizing Chairman- IDMP 2017